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I will love you forever. ❤️Yunjae

"One day I don’t know when maybe we could gather for a glass of suju."

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‎[#YUNJAE] [FANACC] When they were still in Fukuoka, Japanese fans were following YunJae and Junsu while they were shopping. They went to a sports shop, Yunho put several hats on Jaejoong’s head for him to try out, while doing so, they were whispering to each other’s ears. Junsu was left alone by himself, looking for his own clothes. When they came out of the shop, Junsu was holding his own bags, while Jaejoong had nothing in his hands. His bags were held by Yunho. Yunho’s one hand held the bags, the other was holding Jaejoong’s waist. Several fans spotted then and rushed towards them, Yunho let go of Jaejoong’s waist immediately. Crdt: @YunJaeDB5K_twitter ~Jaebish


!This isn’t recent. It was either around the Rising Sun era or T. No date was specified.

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Jae is shy~
I think this season they already loved each other *-*